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Heroes of Adventure is a tabletop role-playing game about a group of travellers, explorers, mercenaries and treasure hunters who travel through the perilous wilderness from settlement to settlement taking on missions, jobs and adventures that others refuse to do. 

The game is inspired by classic fantasy adventure games of yesteryear and all content is free to download

This page contains an index of all available Heroes of Adventure downloads, the development log and the community forum or subreddit r/HeroesofAdventure

Core Rulebooks

Heroes of Adventure Players Handbook (Core Rulebook 1); contains all the rules and information needed for players to create their own heroes and play the game.

Heroes of Adventure Referees Guide (Core Rulebook 2); contains all the rules and tools needed for a referee to create and run their own adventure or campaign using the Heroes of Adventure game system. 

Heroes of Adventure Monsters Compendium (Core Rulebook 3); contains 164 monsters, creatures and human encounters for use with the Heroes of Adventure game system.

Game Supplements

Lair of the Mutant (Introductory Adventure); a starter adventure for the Heroes of Adventure game system designed for a party of 1st level heroes.

The Dusky Dragon Inn (Game Supplement)contains a library of 232 pre-generated characters and non-player characters for use with the Heroes of Adventure game system.

The Fighting Pits of Sentra (Funnel Adventure); a funnel adventure for the Heroes of Adventure game system where players portray a group of gladiators aiming to survive the notorious games of the city of Venta.

Fortress on the Wild Frontier (Campaign Setting); a sandbox campaign setting for the Heroes of Adventure game system set around Skenrith Keep region, a fort on the edge of the known world.


The core rulebooks text have been released under a creative commons license which allows you to modify, hack, build upon and release Heroes of Adventure material with credit to the author.


  • Aug 23: Zine (A5) sized editions (of all books to date) released
  • Aug 23: Referee's Guide version 2 released
  • Jul 23: Monsters Compendium version 2 released
  • Apr 23: Players Handbook version 2 released
  • Oct 22: Core Rulebooks version 1 released
  • Jul 22: Players Handbook & Referee's Guide version 0.5 released 
  • Dec 21: Initial playtest version release for the ‘2021 Finish Your Damn RPG jam’ 
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