Jul 22 - Referee's Guide Update

Referee's Guide Update

As mentioned in the recent devlog, I have now separated out the Heroes of Adventures rules into two books namely; the Players Handbook and a separate Referee's Guide.

Having recently updated and released the latest play-test (version 0.5) of the Players Handbook then work turns to getting the contents of the Referee's Guide finished and the latest play-test version released.

As work (this is meant to be fun right?) will be paused shortly due to an upcoming family holiday I will leave you with a sneak preview of some of the contents of the draft Referee's Guide.

At present the contents are looking like:

  • Front/Back Cover, Contents, Intro (4 pages)
  • Chapter 1 - Running Adventures (14 pages)
  • Chapter 2 - Creating Adventures (18 pages)
  • Chapter 3 - Campaign Rules (8 pages)
  • Chapter 4 - Bestiary (16 pages)
  • Sample Adventure (2 Pages)
  • Design Notes & Index Card System (2 Pages)

This will follow the same look and feel of the Players Handbook and totals 64 pages in letter sized form (ideal for printing as a booklet) and yes the colour will be a light shade of blue as I pay homage to the amazing B/X D&D sets of yesteryear which started me on this journey.

In terms of overall progress, I'm probably 75% done although the current front cover is possibly a temporary one as I hope to get another custom piece organised. 

Players Handbook Feedback

If anyone has downloaded and started to read this, then any feedback would be much appreciated from simple spotting of errors to feedback on balancing for example. There is a community forum on the main page if anyone has any comments, thank you.

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Can't wait to see the Ref Guide!

You will be one of the first to know ;)

I thought you would be pleased to know the playtest version of the Referee's Guide has now been released, enjoy.