Jul 22 - Referee's Guide Release

Referee's Guide Playtest Release

Hello there,

Work has moved quite quickly on finishing the current playtest version of the Referee's Guide and I'm pleased to announce that this is now available for download (free of charge as usual).

The key highlights as follows:

  • Rules are now separated into a 'Players Handbook' and 'Referee's Guide'
  • Both books converted into letter size format and packed into 64 pages each
  • Some content has been amended and polished
  • Layout has been updated and tightened 
  • New bespoke artwork has been included (using the Midjourney AI tool) 
  • No major rule changes but a few minor adjustments and balancing here and there

Players Handbook Contents

  • Front/Back Cover, Contents, Intro (4 pages)
  • Chapter 1 - Rules (8 pages)
  • Chapter 2 - Setting (8 pages)
  • Chapter 3 - Heroes (18 pages)
  • Chapter 4 - Equipment (6 pages)
  • Chapter 5 - Crafting (4 pages)
  • Chapter 6 - Magic (10 pages)
  • Chapter 7 - The Gods (2 pages)
  • Hall of Heroes (2 Pages)
  • Character Sheet (2 Pages)

Referee's Guide Contents

  • Front/Back Cover, Contents, Intro (4 pages)
  • Chapter 1 - Running Adventures (14 pages)
  • Chapter 2 - Creating Adventures (18 pages)
  • Chapter 3 - Campaign Rules (8 pages)
  • Chapter 4 - Bestiary (16 pages)
  • Sample Adventure (2 Pages)
  • Design Notes & Index Card System (2 Pages)

Feedback Welcome

I'm fairly settled on the layout and presentation now so the main focus will be on polishing, editing and balancing elements based on feedback as I aim to move towards the 'final' (if these things are ever final) version 1 of the system which leads me to...

If anyone has downloaded and started to read this, then any feedback would be much appreciated from simple spotting of errors to feedback on game balancing for example. 

There is a community forum on the main page (link here) if anyone has any comments, thank you.


Heroes of Adventure - Players Handbook v0.5.pdf 41 MB
Jul 23, 2022
Heroes of Adventure - Referees Guide v0.5.pdf 41 MB
Jul 23, 2022

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