Jun 22 - Heroes of Adventure Players Handbook Update

Hello there,

Over the past few months, aswell as contributing to a few TTRPG game jams on itch I have been working on updating and polishing the Heroes of Adventure rules. Key highlights as follows:

  • Rules are now being separated into a 'Players Handbook' and 'Referee's Guide' (to follow) 
  • Rules converted into letter size format and packed into 64 pages (which is much easier and cheaper to print as a booklet now)
  • Layout has been updated and tightened
  • A very small amount of additional content has been added (race background tables)
  • New bespoke artwork has been included (using the Midjourney AI tool which I recommend you check out)
  • No major rule changes but a few minor adjustments here and there (Hero skills have been re-organised a bit)

As a result of the above a new playtest version of the Players Handbook (v0.5) has been released which you can download now.

As the Referee's Guide is currently being worked on I have left the old version of the rules uploaded at the present time but intend to remove these once the separate Referee's Guide is released and this is next on my 'to do' list.

This continues to be a hobby project for me and has been a good learning experience as a one-man band covering all areas of design (writing, layout, art generation, testing, editing etc) and I hope by releasing this for free then the odd person can enjoy the game and have some use for this at their gaming table.


Heroes of Adventure - Players Handbook v0.5.pdf 40 MB
Jun 24, 2022

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Nice! One thing I've found missing in this revision -- the Barbarian rage ability got lost along the way.

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Hey there, thanks for the message and interest in the game. 

The 'Rage' ability was tweaked and renamed 'War Cry' which gives advantage on both attack and damage now but only for two turns, once per session. 

Happy to consider feedback from anyone who uses this in the wild in terms of general use and balancing. That's why I've put a play-test version out there.

Ultimately it's your game, so feel free to house-rule and amend the rules to suit your own preferences (i.e. if you preferred the old ability).

Aha, then the Berserker career needs a new ability, it still has Rage (and the base Barbarian comes with War Cry).

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Good catch, thanks. Will mark it up for a fix on the next version. Appreciate you taking the time to read it! Will swap out the incorrect ability for "Intimidate".