Oct 22 - Heroes of Adventure Game Jam (Dec 22)

Heroes of Adventure Game Jam

Heroes of Adventure Game Jam link here: https://itch.io/jam/heroes-of-adventure-ttrpg-game-jam

To celebrate the launch of the Heroes of Adventure game, I will be running a game jam inviting people to create some content related to the Heroes of Adventure game system, this could be anything from:

  • A new hero class
  • A new hero race
  • A non-player character
  • A map
  • An adventure (i.e. one page dungeon)
  • A new monster or monster variant
  • An artefact or treasure
  • A puzzle, trap or hazard
  • New equipment
  • A faction
  • A new religion
  • Rumour table
  • Quest table
  • Random encounter table
  • A new rule or hack
  • ... or whatever you choose! 

The Heroes of Adventure Referees Guide provides a range of tools and processes for creating content for adventures which you can use if you wish.

The core rulebooks have been released under a creative commons licence and you are free to hack, tweak, amend and distribute content as you wish with credit to the author.


5 bundles of the three core rulebooks (Players Handbook, Referees Guide and Monsters Compendium) will be available as prizes. These will be printed with colour covers and black and white interiors.

These will be awarded to five randomly selected entrants (one prize i.e. one bundle per person max) who submitted an entry to the jam. 

Prizes will be issued a couple of weeks after the end of the game jam (please note these will be posted from the UK) once contact details are collected.

Submission Guidelines

Your submission should be somehow related to the Heroes of Adventure game and entries should be submitted between the 1st and 31st December 2022 in pdf format.

Your content must not promote hate speech, sexism, racism, bigotry etc.

A 'compatible with Heroes of Adventure' logo is available to download here if you wish to use this.

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