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Heroes of Adventure is a tabletop role-playing game about a group of travellers, explorers, mercenaries and treasure hunters who travel through the perilous wilderness from settlement to settlement taking on missions, jobs and adventures that others refuse to do. 

The game is inspired by classic fantasy adventure games of yesteryear and is free to download

About this Book

The Heroes of Adventure Players Handbook contains all the rules and information needed for players to create their own heroes and play the game. This book contains:

  • A simple d20 core mechanic, with only 4 pages of core rules  
  • A setting guide to the Fallen Lands; a blank canvas which encourages collaborative world-building through gameplay and adventures
  • Choose your race from; Human; Northmen, Wildfolk, Wildling
  • Choose your class from; Barbarian, Cleric, Druid, Knight, Mage, Ranger, Rogue and Warrior, each class has 4 starting career options
  • Crafting and alchemy rules
  • risk vs. reward based magic system; using magic stresses the spell caster with 14 magic domains and spell lists
  • religious worship system; following ‘the ways’ of your faith grants divine favours
  • Resource management elements including; equipment wear, crafting, alchemy and scavenging
  • 12 sample heroes for you to use
  • Heroes of Adventure is semi-compatible with other ‘fantasy osr’ type games

Release Information

  • Oct 22 - Version 1.0 released

Game Information

  • Format: Downloadable PDF
  • Page Count: 64


Please visit the Heroes of Adventure community forum here.


Heroes of Adventure - Players Handbook.pdf 48 MB
Heroes of Adventure - Blank Character Sheet.pdf 39 kB
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Fallen Lands World Map.pdf 932 kB

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