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Heroes of Adventure is a tabletop role-playing game about a group of travellers, explorers, mercenaries and treasure hunters who travel through the perilous wilderness from settlement to settlement taking on missions, jobs and adventures that others refuse to do. 

The game is inspired by classic fantasy adventure games of yesteryear and is free to download

About this Book

The Heroes of Adventure Referees Guide contains all the rules and tools needed for a referee to create and run their own adventure or campaign using the Heroes of Adventure game system. This book contains:

  • Game Rules (only 4 pages)
  • Create a Hero procedure
  • (Optional) Multi-classing procedure
  • A guide to running adventures
  • Tools for creating your own adventure covering:
    • Wilderness Map
    • Settlements
    • Rumours
    • Quests
    • Non-Player Characters (NPCs)
    • Adventure Sites
    • Challenges (Hazards, Traps & Puzzles)
    • Random Encounters
    • Treasure
    • Artefacts
    • Resources
  • Campaign guide and tools covering:
    • Sandbox play
    • Fronts
    • Factions & Warbands
    • Enterprises & Domains
    • A sample dungeon (Mezrak's Foundry)

Release Information

  • Aug 23 - Version 2.0 released
  • Oct 22 - Version 1.0 released

Game Information

  • Format: Downloadable PDF
  • Page Count: 64

Please note that an A5 version of the book has also been provided. This is a re-sized version of the main booklet and does not contain embedded .pdf links.


Please visit the Heroes of Adventure community forum here.


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