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Game Introduction

Skenrith Keep stands as a solitary bulwark of civilisation against the vast and untamed wilderness that surrounds it. The soldiers and rangers stationed there are tireless and vigilant in their efforts to safeguard the keep and the lands from the myriad of threats that lurk beyond its walls. 

The atmosphere in the region surrounding Skenrith Keep is tense and watchful. Rumours abound of humanoid tribal folk and beastly creatures that have emerged from the wilderness to threaten the safety of the local population.

The sighting and return of the great mystical comet Mithilanthor heralds a time of wild magic, which has only added to the sense of unease. At night, under the cover of darkness, shadowy humanoid creatures have been seen riding their nightmare steeds with vengeful fury on the horizon.

As a heroic adventurer seeking to make your mark in the region, you will undoubtedly face a range of challenges and dangers in this volatile and unpredictable landscape.

Fortress on the Wild Frontier is a sandbox campaign setting for fantasy role-playing games, this book contains:

  • Map and overview of the Skenrith Keep region
  • 4 Campaign ideas
  • 5 Settlement locations
  • 5 Points of Interest to be explored
  • 7 Adventure locations
  • 4 Factions
  • 8 New Monsters

Adventures can be run independently of each other or linked together through the suggested adventure seeds.

Monster & Non-Player Character statistics for the Heroes of Adventure system are included on the last two pages of the book but these can be replaced with statistics from the system of your choice.

Both Fortress on the Wild Frontier adventure and the Heroes of Adventure role-playing game system can be downloaded for free.


  • May 23 - Version 1.0 released

Game Information

  • Format: Downloadable PDF
  • Page Count: 64

Please note that an A5 version of the book has also been provided. This is a re-sized version of the main booklet and does not contain embedded .pdf links.


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