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The Dusky Dragon Inn contains a library of 300 pre-generated characters and non-player characters for use with the Heroes of Adventure game system.

This game aid is semi-compatible with other classic fantasy adventure games and can be adapted for use with other systems. 

A separate system neutral version of this book (statistic free) is also available to download at the links below.

This supplement is free to download.

This book contains:

  • 20 Barbarian Heroes
  • 20 Cleric Heroes
  • 20 Druid Heroes
  • 20 Knight Heroes
  • 20 Mage Heroes
  • 20 Ranger Heroes
  • 20 Rogue Heroes
  • 20 Warrior Heroes
  • 20 Northmen (Dwarf) Heroes
  • 20 Wildfolk (Elf) Heroes
  • 20 Wildling (Half-Elf) Heroes
  • 20 Common Folk Non-Player Characters
  • 20 Non-Player Character Allies
  • 20 Non-Player Character Adversaries
  • 20 Unusual Non-Player Characters

Release Information

Game Information

  • Format: Downloadable PDF
  • Page Count: 64


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