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Game Introduction

A mysterious threat resides within the ancient ruins of an old noble's house from the time of the empire and a local farming family is at risk when they are found to have disappeared from their homestead.

Can your party of adventurers uncover details of the threat and rescue the family?

Lair of the Mutant is a starter adventure designed for the Heroes of Adventure role-playing game system and is designed for a party of 1st level heroes. 

This adventure is semi-compatible with other fantasy roleplaying games and can be adapted for use with other  game systems.

Both Lair of the Mutant adventure and the Heroes of Adventure role-playing game system can be downloaded for free.


  • First released as part of Zine Month (ZIMO) 2022 in Feb 2022
  • Version 2 released in July 2022 
  • Version 3 released in May 2023

Game Information

  • Format: Downloadable PDF
  • Page Count: 20

Please note that an A5 version of the book has also been provided. This is a re-sized version of the main booklet and does not contain embedded .pdf links.


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Lair of the Mutant.pdf 5 MB
Lair of the Mutant A5.pdf 23 MB
Lair of the Mutant Cover Image 6 MB
Lair of the Mutant A5 Cover Image.png 3 MB
Lair of the Mutant Maps.pdf 2 MB

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