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Game Introduction

"After hours of dungeoneering, avoiding traps and overcoming foes you eventually reach the treasure room. In front of you lies three large open chest no doubt containing the lost riches of the dungeon." 

"Finally, I look inside the chests, what do I find?"

"d20 x100gp plus d20 x100sp and d20 x1000cp"

Uninspiring right?

Finding treasure should be exciting and offer gameplay opportunities such as: 

  • Some flavour over the treasures look, feel and use
  •  It tells you something about the setting 
  • Opportunity to discover things about the item, a hook 
  • Some value when exchanged or traded

The Treasure Generator requires just a few dice rolls to quickly generate a treasure item with background details including a description, features, flaws and a value. This supplement can be used with any role-playing game system. 

This supplement was released as part of the  OSR supplement jam  in Mar 2022 and can be downloaded for free.

Game Information

  • Format: Downloadable PDF
  • Page Count: 2

A 6x4 index card version of the generator is also available.


Treasure Generator.pdf 616 kB
Treasure Generator Index Card.pdf 46 kB

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