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Game Introduction

In a grim dystopian future where elite mega-corporations are all powerful, earths resources are rapidly being depleted to support the planets vast technological infrastructure and over-population.

However, there is hope for mankind with the recent discovery of interstellar travel providing new opportunities to explore and harvest resources in the cosmos.

You are a downtrodden citizen looking for a new opportunity in life. With your fellow crew-mates you have purchased rights to a sector of land on a newly discovered planet in a distant galaxy and owe Galacticorp a group debt of 200,000 credits. Your home-base is designated Outpost 5.

Your task is to turn Outpost 5 into a viable venture  by securing sufficient resources to re-pay your debt; defending the outpost from threats and exploring your sector for new opportunities. Failure to achieve this goal will result in termination of your lease and potential imprisonment for corporation debts. 

However, upon arrival at your home-base you realise that humans are not the first visitors to this planet with evidence of previous civilisations of an alien origin.

Outpost 5 is a rules light sci-fi role-playing game which is flexible enough to be run as a theatre of the mind style role-playing game or even used as a tactical skirmish based miniatures game. Outpost 5 is inspired by Classic Traveller (RPG), Aliens (film) and X-Com (video game). 

The game can be downloaded in .pdf format for free.


  • Version 1 released for ZineMonth (Feb 2023)

Game Information

  • Number of Players 2+
  • Format: Downloadable PDF
  • Size: A5
  • Page Count: 44

Mission Reports

Mission Report: Gaea Outpost (courtesy of Vortak Games)

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
AuthorNameless Designer
GenreRole Playing
TagsSci-fi, Tabletop role-playing game


Outpost 5 Rules.pdf 17 MB
Outpost 5 Blank Character Sheet A4.pdf 807 kB
Outpost 5 Equipment Tokens.pdf 3 MB
Outpost 5 Sector Map.pdf 337 kB
Outpost 5 Cover Image.png 7 MB

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