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Game Introduction

"You have vanquished the Dragon and search its treasure hoard. Buried in the centre of a large pile of gold coins you are attracted to the presence of a sword, its fine looking hilt sticks out from the pile of coins, the gleaming blade of the weapon is refracting the flickering and sparkle of flames from your torch".

"Ohhh, I take the sword and examine it, what does it do?"

"It's....er... a +1 sword"

"Hmmn, ok, I'll search the rest of the treasure"

Finding an ancient or magic weapon should be exciting and offer gameplay opportunities such as: 

  • Some flavour over the items look, feel and use
  •  It tells you something about the setting 
  • Opportunity to discover things about the item, a hook 
  • A mechanical advantage in a combat situation

The Ancient Weapon Generator requires just a few dice rolls to quickly generate an ancient or magic weapon with background details including its; origin, construction, features, powers and maybe even a potential flaw. This supplement can be used with any role-playing game system. 

This supplement was released as part of the  OSR supplement jam  in Mar 2022 and can be downloaded for free.

Game Information

  • Format: Downloadable PDF
  • Page Count: 2
CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorNameless Designer
Tagsdungeons--dragons, Fantasy, OSR, Tabletop role-playing game


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